• Engraved brass halter plate

This is a brass-plated halter plate that can be engraved with up to 2 lines of text. It comes with two chicago screws to mount it with. The size is standard 4". Block or script letters.  Choose your end style. Comes with chicago screws for mounting, punch two holes and screw together. (PS, if you don't have a hole punch, we sell them, or you can use a drill)

Place your text in the comment box like this:

Line 1: SCOTTY

Line 2: Owned by: Teryy Teryy (this tells me you want two lines.)

or: Line 1: Scotty (This tells me you want one line.) You get the picture!

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Engraved brass halter plate

  • Product Code: 17837
  • $9.00

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