• Eqyss Avocado Mist Detangler

A botanical oil-free, silicone free LEAVE ON conditioning spray that maintains the moisture balance within the hair shaft. Avocado Mist prevents the mane and tail from becoming dry, brittle, and breaking off. It is the ONLY equine conditioner that does not contain oil, silicone, wax, or synthetic polymers. Shines, detangles, and conditions mane, tail, and body. Detangles without the heaviness common in most conditioners. Promotes healthy silky shine and eases grooming. Can be left on, or rinsed off. Reduces hair breakage. Can be used wet or dry. Anti-static. Not slippery, not sticky, not slimy. NON-TOXIC, ALCOHOL FREE. 100%%SATISFACTION GUARANTEED!  32 ounces or GallonClick to enlarge

EQyss products are 100% CRUELTY FREE and are 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEED. Every EQyss product is made with all natural, botanical ingredients wherever possible. None of our products contain DEA.

32 ounce spray


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Eqyss Avocado Mist Detangler

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