Saddle Trial Period

Saddles may be tried for 7 days after you receive them. They must be returned in the same condition as they arrived for full refund. Saddles being returned with dirt, additional scratches or severe marks will be charged a use fee which is the difference between the sale price and the new sale price based on the damage done, or a cleaning fee of $20 each for standard cleaning if they come back dirty. These charges will be reflected in your credit. Free shipping of saddles only if the saddle is kept. Returned saddles will have the original cost of the outbound shipping fees charged to the final credit price. Example: A $1000 saddle goes out for trial and comes back in the same condition. It originally cost us $25 to ship it so the credit will be in the amount of $975. 

You may use wrapped leathers and standard girths for all saddles while trying them out.

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