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Halt at X! These saddles will get you to the dressage ring for all budgets!

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Bates dressage + saddle
Bates Dressage+ Saddle     Allow 12 weeks delivery time for Luxe ..
Ex Tax: $2,245.00
Bates dressage + saddle
Bates Isabell Saddle     Please allow 10-12 weeks delivery on Lux..
Ex Tax: $2,695.00
Bates dressage saddle
Bates Dressage Saddle     Beneath the traditional lines and elega..
Ex Tax: $1,975.00
Bates Innova Monoflap + saddle
Bates Innova Mono+ Saddle     Experience the ultra-close contact ..
Ex Tax: $3,145.00
Bates wide dressage saddle
  Bates WIDE Dressage Saddle   The Bates WIDE Dressage Saddle fea..
Ex Tax: $1,975.00
Collegiate Convertible Intellect dressage saddle
The Choice For The Educated Rider" Collegiate saddles are handcrafted of the most vibrant and d..
Ex Tax: $1,089.00
HDR Dortmund dressage saddle
The Dortmund is a contemporary dressage saddle with smooth grippy leather featuring a moderately ..
Ex Tax: $985.95
HDR Pro Buffalo flocked dressage saddle
Features: Supple and durable buffalo leather set this dressage saddle in a class of its o..
Ex Tax: $985.95
HDR Pro Lexus flocked dressage saddle
Features: This classic dressage saddle has been in the HDR line for years, and continues ..
Ex Tax: $985.95
HDR Rivella Austal Deep seat adjustable dressage saddle
Features: This soft, luxurious covered leather saddle features the new Austal model that ..
Ex Tax: $1,525.95
HDR Rivella dressage saddle
Features: Anatomically shaped SEF panels are a popular choice for saddle fitting issues. ..
Ex Tax: $1,165.95
HDR Ventura Dressage Saddle
This soft and luxurious covered leather saddle features beautiful stitch detailing and is designe..
Ex Tax: $895.95
Intrepid Nimbus dressage saddle
For the Pièce de résistance…we have our new dressage saddle; The Intrepid Nimbus. In this case we..
Ex Tax: $1,600.00
Kincade dressage saddle
This is a great buy in an entry-level dressage saddle. Flocked panels. ..
Ex Tax: $427.49
Lovatt and Ricketts Berkeley external block Dressage Saddle
This model is for the rider whose preference is an external knee block, it has all of the same fe..
Ex Tax: $3,250.00
Lovatt and Ricketts Berkeley internal block Dressage Saddle
The Berkeley™ High Performance dressage saddle incorporates all of the refinements expected in a ..
Ex Tax: $3,250.00
Lovatt and Ricketts Ellipse Dressage Saddle
  The Ellipse™ Dressage saddle a firm favorite with riders since our first model launche..
Ex Tax: $3,250.00
M. Toulouse Aachen Dressage Saddle w/burgundy stitching
  "M. Toulouse Platinum Saddle with Burgundy Stitchings are made with premium, soft..
Ex Tax: $1,749.00
M. Toulouse Albrecht Dressage Saddle
  M. Toulouse saddles are hand crafted of natural, tanned, pigmented, aniline-finis..
Ex Tax: $1,499.00
M. Toulouse Albrecht Dressage Saddle Genesis
  M. Toulouse saddles are hand crafted of natural, tanned, pigmented, aniline-finis..
Ex Tax: $1,949.00
Nightwind draft dressage saddle
  The Nightwind dressage saddle is designed especially for draft horses, draft crosses a..
Ex Tax: $3,599.00
Wintec 500 dressage saddle
Sets a new standard in saddle comfort and performance helping position the rider correctly and fe..
Ex Tax: $625.00
Wintec 500 WIDE dressage saddle
A modern, stylish Wide dressage saddle incorporating performance features The perfect Wide sa..
Ex Tax: $625.00
Wintec Icelandic saddle
An ideal saddle for mastering the various paces of the Icelandic Horse with the lightweight and e..
Ex Tax: $675.00
Wintec Isabell dressage saddle
My saddle is one of the proudest achievements of my dressage career. I believe we have created th..
Ex Tax: $1,295.00
Wintec Pro dressage saddle
Features include adjustable Y Girthing and flexibloc system Achieves unprecedented comf..
Ex Tax: $895.00
Wintec Pro dressage saddle with Contourbloc
Achieves unprecedented confidence and security whilst supporting a correct and secure dr..
Ex Tax: $985.00
Nytro-gel insert pad dressage length
This dressage saddle pad is designed with contoured withers and special square quilt pattern to k..
Ex Tax: $74.90
Bates flexi blocs replacement knee blocks
Flexi Blocs velcro on under your Bates saddle knee pads. If you lose one, it becomes an unbalance..
Ex Tax: $71.99
Bates leather Webbers
Bates Leather Webbers     Bates Leather Webbers are revolu..
Ex Tax: $71.99
Bates leathers
Bates Stirrup Leathers     Bates Stirrup Leathers have bee..
Ex Tax: $116.99
Nimbus replacement gullet plate
Having interchangeable plates makes good sense. Now if your horse changes, as in a young horse, o..
Ex Tax: $35.49
Wintec anatomic dressage elastic girth with CAIR
This revolutionary girth is scientifically proven to dramatically improve your horses comfort and..
Ex Tax: $125.99
Wintec flexi blocs replacement knee blocks
Wintec Flexiblocs   The Adjustable Flexibloc System enables riders to cust..
Ex Tax: $53.99
Wintec leathers
Wintec Stirrup Straps     Featuring a more traditional appearance..
Ex Tax: $34.99
Wintec Webbers
Wintec Webbers     Wintec Webbers are a revolutionary stirrup str..
Ex Tax: $34.99
Wintec/Bates gullet bar
Color coded gullet bars in 6 width fittings. Sold individually. Sizes: Narrow, Medium/Narrow, M..
Ex Tax: $26.95
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