Shire's AirNest Helite air vest

Shire's AirNest Helite air vest
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More than 25,000 Helite AirNest airbag vests have been sold in Europe in the past 5 years.


It is

…reliable because there is no unexpected inflations, it inflates 100% in case of a fall and has a long life span.

…effective because it inflates very quickly and protects in less than 100 milliseconds after activation, which is fast enough to protect from most of the rotational falls that happen with horses.

…resilient because it is made from a very strong material and thread to resist high air pressure and many bad falls.


• CE certified airbag protects in 100 milliseconds

• KNOX CE certified semi-hard back protector

• Inner textile 3D Air Mesh for comfort and perfect ventilation

• Free under the arms for freedom of movement

• Discrete adjustable buckles to fit different jacket thicknesses

• Easy, fast and strong fastening buckles.


Replacement cartridges (50cc, 60cc, 100cc) are item #88402.


Color Black

Sizes Adult S, M, L, XL

Sizes Adults LL (L Wide), XLL (XL Wide) $599.99

Colors Red, Pale Blue, Navy, Brown, Green

Sizes Adults S, M, L

Sizes Adults LL (L Wide), XLL (XL Wide)

Color Hi-Vis

Sizes Adults S, M, L, XL


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