• Dr. Cook's Bitless Bridle

This is the famous Dr. Cook's Bitless bridle in Beta material. Beta is a leather-like synthetic composed of a nylon core with a vinyl coating. It is impervious to dirt and sweat, and will give you years of use with no maintenance required.  The material stays supple in freezing weather and doesn't dry out or get brittle with age.  Beta is durable and easy to clean - just dunk in a bucket of water, swish around and hang to dry.  It has a slightly grainy surface and low-sheen surface, which gives it a leather-like appearance. Beta is a little heavier than nylon.

Available in brown, chestnut and black (draft size black only)

Measure 1 ½” to 2” up from the corner of the horse’s mouth. From that point, measure the

circumference of the horses nose. From that same point (1 ½” – 2” up from the corner of the horses

mouth). Run your tape measure up the side of the face, around the poll (behind the ears) to the

same point on the other side of the face.

* If you find it too cumbersome to run your tape all the way around the head, measure to the very top

of the poll (to the point right between the ears) and double that measurement)

Use these two measurements to determine what size headstall your horse needs.


SMALL 29” – 39” (73.7cm – 99.1cm) 18” – 22” (45.7cm – 55.9cm)

MEDIUM 35 ” – 45” (88.9cm – 114.3cm) 19 ” – 24” (48.3cm – 61cm)

LARGE 38” – 48” (96.5cm – 121.9cm) 22” – 26” (55.9cm – 66cm)

DRAFT 44” – 55” (111.8cm – 139.7cm) 23 ” – 28 ” (48.3cm – 71.1cm)

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Dr. Cook's Bitless Bridle

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