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Lovatt & Ricketts

Lovatt & Ricketts Cambridge Dressage saddle

Lovatt & Ricketts Cambridge Dressage saddle

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The Cambridge Dressage Saddle is an open seat saddle with a medium depth tree. It allows the rider to sit closer to the horse and have a more balanced seat. You can shift easily from one seat bone to the other, to better apply your aids to the horse. A specifically designed saddletree accommodates the broader backed horse such as Arabians, Morgan’s, Warmbloods, Quarter Horses and Cob types it has also proved successful with many other horse breeds.

Featuring a hooped cut back hand crafted laminated Birch Wood and Spring Steel saddle tree, fitted with our Lovatt & Ricketts® Double Position Swing Bar for a correct leg position. Flatter broader lambs wool flocked panels with an open gullet offers comfort and freedom of movement for the horse.

The Cambridge offers all the features, sophistication and finish, that one would expect from a quality classic dressage saddle, and is available in a wide selection of sizes and tree widths; to accommodate horse and rider.

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