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Kensington fleece-trim fly boots

Kensington fleece-trim fly boots

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Stop the stomp - and the associated foot and leg issues - with our Fly Boots!

  • Durable Textilene® Construction: USA-made, 1000 x 2000 denier fabric hails from Alabama and is specially formulated to withstand fading, fire, mildew, soiling, and wear and tear, even in the most extreme weather conditions. 
  • Pest Plus 73% UV Protection: Provides coverage to the sensitive lower legs from pests, as well as providing sun protection, particularly to white legged horses.  
  • Breathable is Better: 78% air permeable mesh means that your horse's skin can still breathe - lessening the chances of skin funk caused by lack of circulation.
  • Healthier Legs & Hooves: By reducing pest-related agitation, these boots also reduce lost shoes, hoof cracks, or minor lameness due to stomping. 
  • Plush, Comfortable Fleece: No rough edges here - these are trimmed in an ultra-plush fleece that will protect even the most sensitive legs. 
  • Sturdy Stays: These boots will stay upright - a sturdy plastic stay is sheathed within the fleece to prevent slouching. 
  • Easy On/Off: Three hook and loop closures ensure a customizable, snug, easy to apply fit from top to bottom. 
  • Sold in Pairs of 2
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